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sugar reduction


sugar reduction

Foodtec was there from the start to test various sugar substitutes in its test lab. We have built up extensive experience, especially with natural sugar substitutes, and apply this knowledge in products such as SPECULOWS and OATIES.

In addition to taste, sugar also provides structure to the product. Especially with baked products, the latter is often underestimated. So it is not a matter of just adding a sweetener that compensates for the lack of taste.

Reducing the amount of sugar has been an important challenge for the food industry for years. It fits in with the social trend towards healthier snacking and the pressure from the government to encourage consumers to consume more consciously. Please contact us if you would like to make use of our knowledge and experience in this area.


So could you use some help developing your food product or strong brand? Then you know where to find us! Just call or email us for a no-obligation appointment.