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Trends and insights tell you where your market is currently at, and consequently where your brand needs to be. Trends can be employed to guide your decision-making and strategy development, allowing you to connect the dots until a picture forms.

Foodtec never sleeps (when it comes to trends) and has its eyes and ears wide open for anything that is trending…or has the potential of becoming one. For example, we liaise closely with suppliers of ingredients for the latest innovations but also roam international food trade shows and the good-old internet.

Following the trends is one, but applying and implementing them is another thing. ‘Healthier snacking’ is one that dominated public opinion in past decade –and will definetely continue to do that in the decade ahead. In our foodlab, Foodtec has gained experience in this field through multiple projects that involved reducing sugar, fat and salt…to name a few. We are happy to act as an objective sparring partner for your marketers and product developers.


So could you use some help developing your food product or strong brand? Then you know where to find us! Just call or email us for a no-obligation appointment.