Welcome to FoodTec! Glad you found us and want to know more about us. We are happy to help you convert your brilliant idea into a successful product or semi-finished product (ingredient). Always customer-, market-, solution- and future-oriented. Our vision is: to innovate, create and inspire.
That’s why: ‘We innovate to surprise’.

Why call us

In short: for advice on product development in the field of food. Our goal is always: INNOVATE TO SURPRISE.
That is also what our B2B relations are looking for and ask of us: help us and take our products to the next level. We do this in a no-nonsense way.

What we do

What we do cannot always be “pigeonholed” or categorized. We are happy to be your sparring partner to philosophize about products, product development, trends, quality, marketing, product improvement, food safety, sourcing, etc.

How we do it

Many roads lead to Rome, and in close consultation with yourself we map out in advance the ideal path to the common goal. Our project manager is in close contact with you as a client and together we facing “the challenge”.



Good idea! Let’s brainstorm together.
Cup of coffee and plenty of biscuits.
You are very welcome to visit us in Tilburg, but of course we can also meet up at your place.

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